About us

The possibilities are endless when you have two determined, hardworking people with a vision….and a 3D printer!

Just ask Gordon Jamieson and Mark Fruhauf who are taking 3D printing to the baking and confectionery industry! Think cookie cutters, cake rollers, spice bottle shakers, and coffee dusters! Everyone loves those gorgeously designed sprinkles that greet you at the top of your cappuccino! If you can imagine it, these brothers can do it for you!

Both have a PC training background, determination and mutual respect for one another, and the environment!  Their printed models are made using PLA (polylactic acid), a vegetable-based material plastic which is a lot more environmentally friendly than standard plastic. It is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer made from renewable raw materials.

Gordon holds a national diploma in foodservice management and has 30 years of experience in the catering industry. Having become unemployed recently, he was looking for a way in which he could utilize his skills and experience. And that is where his brother, Mark comes in.

Mark became involved in 3D printing, several years ago, through a friend that worked at a company where they were using 3D printers and became intrigued by seeing what they were making. Loving all things mechanical and electronic, Mark knew that he had to get into 3D printing. Mark is fascinated with robotics and he says, in essence, a 3D printer is a basic robot. The fact that you can design something and then in a short period of time have that item on hand is also very appealing. Within a short time, Mark formulated his own 3D company and now several years later wanting to grow what he was up to he knew that Gordon would be the perfect add on. Gordon has a passion for food and computers and Mark says he saw an instant synergy between what printers can do and what Gordon can do.  Both brothers share a passion and a drive to take on new ventures.

Gordon enjoys drawing, having done several tattoo designs over the years and he is self-taught in programs like photoshop and excel. He has found moving to 3D Printing quite easy, although it has come as a surprise because he was not expecting this to be his full- time job.  But the appeal and excitement and his drive to keep moving have all kept him firmly committed to the new start-up company.

Gordon says that 3D printing has become more affordable since it hit the South African market many years ago.  Within the baking and confectionary industry, the possibilities of designing accessories and products are endless. According to Mark, there is a huge market waiting to be explored within the entire food industry. Traditionally it has only been the big manufacturers that produced items that they thought would sell. Now, he says he and Gordon have the opportunity to make 1, 10 or 50 items on-demand with complete customization without the need for massive outlays in moulds, dyes, and machines.

Gordon has already designed his own plastic icing roller. He has also made stencils for cappuccino toppings, desserts, and cakes. Cookie cutters and rollers are not necessarily restricted to the baking world, children can use these for playdough activities too! We love the idea that a colourful cookie-cutter intended for baking can land upon a kiddie’s table and keep them busy using it as a toy or play dough accessory. Or that a stencil for cappuccino can be used for painting at school!

All the printed items are quite durable and can be infused with wood, metal or carbon fibers to improve their strength.  Printed items that need to be cleaned, like the baking accessories can be rinsed with warm water and a bit of dishwashing liquid – much like other plastic products.

Mark and Gordon hope to fill the gap in the market with local flavored items that are not available in South Africa. They also hope to reduce the wastage of excessive manufacture by making items on demand rather than for potential sales.

Their goals for the future are to become leaders in the custom printed items for the food industry and a recognized authority on related design work.

So, if it is cookie cutters, icing rollers or stencils you are after, visit their website at www.3d4u.co.za

You will be able to order from the website and your products will be couriered to you. You can even send Mark and Gordon your design and they can make what you are asking for.

Now, the only thing my cappuccino is missing is a sprinkling of cinnamon using one of their custom -made coffee dusters!

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